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VOD Steel Building Types

building erection

Our estimating and project management team at VOD Steel Buildings are trained to identify each customer’s specific structural requirements. Requirements are then matched to the steel building design which will fit that customer’s particular metal building specifications.

Here are some of the more typical metal building designs:


Custom Rigid Frame Straight Wall Steel Buildings.

Rigid Frame buildings are constructed with a skeletal primary structural steel design to carry the structural loading of the building. They are purpose built structures with a variety of wall and roof systems to meet a wide range of unique project requirements.

Custom Rigid Frame Straight Wall Steel Building

Custom Arch Style System and Quonset Steel Buildings.

An Arch Style Building System and Quonset is ideal for a variety of uses and scenarios. we offer several variations on the classic arch, including sloped walls, open-sided structures to be used as roofs or shelters, and half-arch designs. All arch style steel buildings can be expanded with unlimited length should you require more space in the future.

Custom Arch Style System and Quonset Steel Building

Custom Metal Carport Structures.

Metal carports protect your vehicles and cover RV’s and campers. Easily provide equipment storage, boat cover, and more. With fully customizable size, color, options and accessories you can design it to coordinate with existing structures.

Custom Steel Carport Structure

Custom Steel Shipping Container Covers.

It is a popular product for what could have remained unused space ultimately transforming it into a handy storage or work area. Our container covers eliminate the need for bulky beams, trusses and interior supports creating an open space simplicity.

Custom Steel Shipping Container Cover

When you buy a building from VOD Steel Buildings, we become your partner throughout the construction process. We work with you, or with your general contractor, to ensure that all your building requirements are met.